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Any discussion on the Bible and money has to start with understanding stewardship.  We have to first accept the truth that everything that we have belongs to God and not to us.  When we begin to view are relationship to money as one of the person managing what belongs to someone else, every though, decision and action begins to be shaped differently.

Scriptures to consider

Psalm 24:1-The earth and everything in it belongs to God
1 Corinthians 4:1-We must prove faithful
Ecclesiastes 9:10-God expects us to give everything our best
Colossians 3:23-We use money like it is worship

Exodus 4: God uses what we already have

Reflection Point

How do I view money?  Is it mine or is it God’s?

Action Point

Take some time and make a list of all of the things that God has given you and express gratitude that He has entrusted them to you.

Money is an important part of our lives.  However, how we approach our money should not be any different than our work, marriage, family, etc.  We need to seek out what God says and then purpose to be obedient. 

Scriptures to consider

Old Testament

Genesis 4 - First and Best: Cain and Abel

Genesis 14:18-20 - Tithe: Abraham and Melchizedek

Exodus to Malachi - Tithes and Offerings: Law and Prophets

New Testament

Matthew 6:21 - Treasure and Heart: Jesus

Acts 2:44-45 - Sold Everything: Early Church

2 Corinthians 9:6 - Sowing and Reaping: Paul

2 Corinthians 9:7 - Cheerful Giver: Paul

Reflection Point

How and what does God want me to give?

Action Point

We invite you to do your own study on what the Bible says about giving.  We have included a spreadsheet to help you consider what God is saying to you.

The Bible on Giving Worksheet

*worksheet provided with permission by Wayne Trainor

The word worship comes from the two words WORTH and SHIP.  It means to assign value to something.  That is what we do with our money.  We assign value.  What we are willing to give for any product or service reflects how much value we assign to that thing.

Scriptures to consider

Genesis 22 - Abraham -> Isaac

1 Kings 17 - Widow at Zarephath -> Flower and oil

Acts 4 - Barnabas -> Land

Luke 21 - Widow -> 2 mites

Reflection Point

Is there anything that I have that is off limits to God?  What am I holding on to and why?

Action Point

As you consider where you are currently with giving, consider this scale as a determination of where you are today.  This is not about judgement or condemnation.  Let's ask, "where am I today?"  from there the path forward is only steps of obedience.

Where am I today? (coming June 16)

Let's get practical.  Many people believe that they are not in a position to be givers.  And for some people that is true.  However, we must still ensure that we are on a path to obedience with where God is leading us.  For most people, generosity is possible if it is prioritized and  a plan made. 

Scriptures to consider

Matthew 25:14-30 - Take an account

Revelation 3:17-19 - Evaluate and Pray

Luke 14:28-30 - Plan

Reflection Point

Looking at where my money is spent, what is most important to me?

Action Point

Budgeting and Debt reduction are two efforts that increase giving potential.  Here are few tips on how to tackle both of these.

Budgeting Resources (coming June 23)

Debt Reduction Resources (coming June 23)

Surrendering ourselves to God in the area of finances allows us to be a part of God's plan to display His glory in the earth today.  When we give, God uses our obedience to increase Kingdom Impact.  When you consider your giving, know that God has called us to have an impact locally, regionally, and globally.

Scriptures to consider

Acts 1:8 - Judea, Samaria, and world-wide
Malachi 3:10 - Local Church Ministry

Acts 4:32-35 - Local Support of One Another

2 Corinthians 8:4-5 - Regionally for the church

Romans 15:24 - Kingdom Expansion

Reflection Point

Am I doing what God has called me to do financially?

Action Point

Consider, where you are in this area of your walk with Christ and where He wants you to grow to.  Let's all commit to be obedient, discerning honestly where we are at today and where God is calling us to grow over the next year.

Download your Kingdom Impact Card (Coming June 30)