Meet the Hopkins

Chris and Joanna met in the church nursery at only 18 months of age.  Though Joanna grew up at Reimage, Chris was sent with his parents three years later to plant a church in Morehead City.  Chris returned to Greenville in 1999 to pursue a degree in Communications at East Carolina University.  Upon completion, he and Joanna married and moved to New York City for three years and then began working in ministry in 2006.

Chris returned to Reimage Church to serve as the Youth Pastor in November of 2007.  Since then, he served as both an Associate and Executive Pastor before stepping into the role of Lead Pastor in March of 2017.

In all their time at Reimage, they've seen God move in so many ways and change so many lives.  God continues to enlarge their vision for Reimage Church as it becomes a diverse community of Christ-followers changing our world.

Chris and Joanna strive to embrace diversity, experience God, reach people, grow disciples, send leaders and give generously.  They believe that God is truly changing them into the people that God intended them to be and hope to have the opportunity to help you do the same.