Reimage Church Reopening Plan

COVID-19 REsponse

Normally during times of crisis, local churches would mobilize to meet the need of the community.  However, this crisis is not like any other we have ever experienced.  Our government leaders are asking us to stay home so that there is less risk of increased transmission.  This makes responding from an organizational level very difficult.


So what can we do?

We can pray!  Prayer is the greatest weapon we have against the coronavirus.  Pray for our city, our state, our nation and the world.


What is Reimage Church doing?

During this crisis, Reimage Church is committed to continued support of our local, national and international ministry partners.  As the crisis in New York began to accelerate, we partnered with Samaritan’s Purse by sending funds to help construct the field hospital in central park.


Below is a list of ministry partners and local nonprofits and ways that you can help.  We will continue to update this list as we receive more information.


Ministry Partners

Carolina Pregnancy Center

Donations of 0-3mo, 18-24 mo clothing and baby toiletries (shampoo, lotion, wipes, diaper cream pacifiers)  call CPC at 252-757-0003 to arrange a drop of time


CareNet – They are operating virtually, and all clinicians are scheduling clients. Financial donations are appreciated as they are not able to have their normal fundraising events. Donations can be sent to 108 Oakmont Drive, Greenville, NC 27858


Third Street – They are continuing to provide meals for their students to their homes. No specific needs at present


Hope of Glory – They are continuing to work with their co-op families. No specific needs at present


Building Hope - They are providing food and snacks for the boys they work with. No specific needs at present


Other Local Non-Profits

Joy Soup Kitchen - They can not currently accept meals brought in from outside, but are in need of basic supplies such as serving trays, cups, plastic utensils, napkins, paper towels, saran wrap, foil, toilet paper, garbage bags, vegetable oil, cooking spray, salad dressing (Ranch and Italian), sugar, and mayonnaise. Go to for more information.

Ronald McDonald House - They currently have only one family staying in the house. They may be opening up to new families around June 1st as they are waiting on government guidelines. They can use gift cards for restaurants for take out as well as cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer. You can contact them at 252-847-5435 to coordinate a drop off.

Community Crossroads Center (Homeless Shelter) - They have 31 people sheltered in place. They need toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, plastic utensils, and hand sanitizer. Meals are provided for this week.

Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina - They are in need of monetary and food donations due to highly increased demand. For information contact Jennifer Lee at 252-752-4996, ext. 2304.

Ayden Christian Care Food Pantry - They serve over 250 local people on a monthly basis, a majority who are senior citizens. They are not able to open to the public, but are putting together products for these people. They need canned goods, boxed items such as Macaroni and Cheese or Potato sides, things like oatmeal and grits, Ramen noodles, or cup-a-soup are very helpful. To help, contact Ava White at 252-675-3299.

Daughters of Worth - They are currently serving at least 40 girls and their families weekly with door drop offs of food, hygiene items, activities, and inspirational packets. Contact Liz Liles at or 252-295-7517.

What can you do?


We truly believe this is a time to BE the Church by being aware of your circle and engage anyway you can. Giving does not always have to be monetary oftentimes, listening (from 6ft), a smile, a how are you, a roll of TP, and just caring goes a long way.


Here are a few additional ways that you can serve the community, either by yourself, or with friends or your reGroup

Vidant Health staff*

Order lunch or dinner for the staff on a unit at the hospital.

email (this is preferred vs contacting the unit directly)


Local Grocery Retailers*

Contact a local grocery retailer and send a simple lunch or snacks (Chic-Fil-A or Zaxbys) to their store to say thanks to the employees for the many hours they are working.


Here are some easy ways to serve your neighbors or others you know.


-Place a note of appreciation or gift card in your mailbox for your mail carrier

-Send a note of appreciation and thanks to Mayor PJ Connelly or any of our state or local leaders.

-Take note of neighbors, friends, co-workers who have birthdays during this time, write a note of acknowledgment on their driveway with chalk or place a note in their mailbox

-Make a postcard or index card with your contact information and place them on your neighbor’s door or mail box offering simple acts of service if needed especially for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.


 *We would encourage you to order take out and not prepare food in your home during this time for protection of the recipient.  Local restaurants are being monitored by the health department. The WIN  when ordering take out/delivery from local restaurants—you are supporting the community and providing employment.