We support a wide variety of local missions. We encourage you to find a ministry that pulls at your heart, contact the organization and get involved.

Carolina Pregnancy Center

Carolina Pregnancy Center is a non-profit Christian organization which reaches out to young women (and men) who find themselves in a possible unplanned or crisis pregnancy situation. We have served the community faithfully for the past 21 years.

With offices in Greenville and Washington, we serve over 950 clients each year with the following services:
• pregnancy testing
• limited medical services, including ultrasound for pregnancy dating & confirmation of pregnancy only (Greenville office)
• baby and maternity clothing and baby equipment
• parenting classes
• post-abortion support for those suffering from emotional trauma of a past abortion

We also reach out into the community with our abstinence education program. We are available to churches and church and community youth groups, and we currently reach 6,000 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th graders in 16 different Pitt County schools in a school year.

Carolina Pregnancy Center is supported by individuals, churches, and businesses in the local community.

For more info: carolinapregnancycenter.org, friendsofCPC.org

Day of Victory Television Ministry

Day Of Victory Ministries presents “Holla Back,” eastern North Carolina’s first and only urban gospel television program moving into its seventh year of urban ministry and community outreach. Combining the unchanged message of God with the power of TV and mutimedia, “Holla Back” is reaching out to thousands with the message of Jesus Christ with a urban flavor. There’s a true message in the music droppin’ HOLY HEAT on EAST CAROLINA.

The founder, Linwood Hicks, has a great history of ministry spanning over 30 years of evangelism together with his wife and family. He created this program after receiving the call from God to “reach this next generation of youth right where they are.” “Holla Back” is the premiere urban gospel youth outreach ministry with a hip-hop flavor. It’s designed to give voice to the challenges of today’s youth so we, through Christ, can hear them and effectively


Hope Of Glory Food Bank

Our in-house resource center provides food, clothing, and household items to people in our community that are in need due to limited or no income, or are in a crisis situation. In 2004, we assisted over 2700 people, over 3900 in 2005, and over 6400 in 2006. This was made possible by God’s grace and the many people who support this ministry. Not only do we provide food, clothing, and household items for them, but most importantly, we share the good news of Jesus Christ and minister to and pray with everyone that comes in. We are witnessing people, on a monthly basis, who commit their lives to God through saving faith in His son Jesus Christ. To God be all the glory!

Finding food to meet the needs of our community is a constant challenge for agencies across our region. In 2005 the Lord has revealed to us that we are to expand our ministry, not only to help individuals, but to also be a food source for other ministries and agencies. To accomplish this, we need local churches and businesses to partner with us financially. All through scripture God’s people are charged with providing for the poor.

“Blessed is he who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.” Psalms 41:1

Every month we see people coming to Christ through this ministry. It is our firm belief that God’s Word and the love of Christ will be spread through the development of relationships with individuals, families and agencies who utilize this Center.

For more info: hope-of-glory.org