Serving: Italy

Christ is the Answer International Ministries is made up of 13 teams in different parts of the world. Clark Slone and a group of eight elders are responsible for the Italian mission team, which is made up of around 100 full-time laborers. We live in a mobile camp, sharing the daily responsibilities of the workload.

The Christ is the Answer tent team has been in Italy for 30 years, continually moving from city to city, towns and villages, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His salvation.

We hold nightly meetings under the big tent that has the capacity for 3,000 people. Small evangelistic teams are sent out each day to hold open-air meetings, with singing, testifying, preaching and street drama and also periodically going into hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons. There are also many other things to do in camp, from practical work to teaching school.

There is something for everybody. New ministries are also developed as additional brethren come into the work and bring their talents and abilities. We have a daily Bible study and a time for personal study and/or relaxation. Serving one another is truly a blessed life. Whatever abilities you have, we could put to good use. You are welcome to come visit, see the work for yourself, and participate.

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Serving: Domican Republic

The DR Mission is a missionary organization founded by Uriel and Becky Castrillon in the southern area of Dominican Republic with the vision of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor. We do this by winning people to Christ, training them to be followers of Jesus, planting churches and by showing the love of Christ in practical ways. We help the poorest of people in the towns where we have planted churches.

3 full-time and 2 part-time pastors in our 5 churches.

We feed 96 sponsored children in the towns of Cristobal and Salinas. Their parents receive weekly teachings on God’s Word and other subjects that help them to raise their children. You can sponsor a child.

We are currently in the process of purchasing land to build our third church and an orphanage in the town of Barahona.

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Serving: The Poorest of the Poor in Developing Nations

As a chaplain with Mercy Ships, Wade’s job is to know the spiritual and emotional condition of Mercy Ships staff at the International Operations Center and to actively invest in the spiritual and emotional well-being and growth of the staff.

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has performed more than 1.7 million services valued at over $670 million and impacting more than 1.9 million people as direct beneficiaries. Some of the more notable statistics include these:

Performed more than 32,500 surgeries such as correction of cleft lip and palate, cataract removal, straightening of crossed eyes, orthopaedic and facial reconstruction
Treated more than 212,000 people in village medical clinics
Performed more than 183,000 dental treatments
Taught over 14,500 local health-care and professional workers, who have, in turn, trained many others in primary health care
Taught 95,000 local people in primary health care
Trained local medical professionals in modern health-care techniques
Delivered more than $60 million worth of medical equipment, hospital supplies and medicines
Completed more than 900 community development projects, including construction of schools, clinics, orphanages, water wells and agriculture programs
More than 850 career crew from over 40 nations serve today
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Serving: Bulgaria & Eastern Europe

Having served with MTEE for 13 years (since March 1995), Meloni is currently serving in Lovech, Bulgaria. Her areas of ministry include:

Oversight of a network of Bible schools in Bulgaria in conjunction with Vision International University and International School of Ministry 2006-2007 – twenty-two local church-based schools with 260 students; I oversee the administration and teach classes in Counseling, Missions, and Management and Administration
Children’s Ministry – for 9 years working together with Peggy Laney (Director of Children’s Ministry for MTEE) in the development of curricula and resource materials for Sunday school programs in Bulgaria
Social Ministry – working to establish a “Soup Kitchen/Feeding Program” for those in need in Lovech where participants will be fed both naturally and spiritually
Serving a network of local churches in administration, church planting, missions strategy, women’s ministry, and establishing prayer teams
The Bulgarian nation lived under Turkish oppression for 500 years before being freed (with help from the Russians) and then finding themselves under communism. They learned to survive with passive-aggressive behavior and unethical practices. This lifestyle is being challenged and changed in the church, and new models for work ethic, business, and family life are being raised up as young believers are uncovering and walking in the truths of God’s Word. In the last 12 years, we have seen hundreds of believers across Bulgaria in our training programs. Many of them are in full-time ministry today, and they are truly making a difference in their cities. However, Bulgaria needs revival, and there are many strongholds from the spirits that reigned during communism and from the religious traditions of the Orthodox Church that must be broken. The young people are crying out for something that is honest and real.

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