Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is online giving?

Online giving is the ability to give a donation or schedule a series of donations using your debit or credit card or your bank account on Church Community Builder (

Q. What is a contribution schedule?

This is similar to a subscription. You can choose how often you would like an automatic donation to be made—weekly, every two weeks, or monthly.

Q. Why do I have to set up an account and password?

Setting up an account and password allows you to enter a highly secure environment for your transaction. Once your account and password are established, all of your personal information including credit card information is safe and protected.

Q. Is it secure?

All debit or credit card information you enter and store for online giving is secured by BluePay, Inc.  No one has access to your data unless authorized by you.

Q. Are there any hidden charges or fees to give online?

Nope. You select the dollar amount for your gift. That is the dollar amount that will be recognized as your donation. No costs or fees.

Q. Can I just try this by giving one time?

Sure. Select “One Time” in the frequency drop-down box.

Q. If we want to help people get out of debt, why does Reimage Church accept credit card donations?

Used within the parameters, debit and credit cards can be an efficient tool for payments and purchases. Many people utilize them in place of checks or cash throughout the month, and then pay off the balance in full. For these people, we offer the option of using a debit or credit card to give. We strongly discourage those who have ongoing credit card debt from exercising this option.

Q. How should I tithe if my income varies from pay period to pay period?

Depending on which is more feasible for your situation, you can handle tithing with a fluctuating income in a couple of different ways. Some people choose to give exactly one-tenth of their earnings for each individual pay-period. Others estimate their total earnings for the year and give a portion of the total tithe each week or month throughout the year.

Q. How can I keep a record of the amount I have contributed?

You can view your online giving record from your profile on Church Community Builder. We also send year-end statements directly to your home address.

Q. Can I post a reoccurring donation to the general fund as well as to Reimage Missions?

Yes. However, you need to create two contribution schedules—one for your general giving and one for Reimage Missions.

Q. What if I want to change my online giving or stop it?

From your profile at Church Community Builder, simply click the red stop sign next the gift you would like to cancel.

Q. Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

Contact the Finance Department at: 252.355.6621, or and they’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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