DR Missions Trip Recap


So we rebuilt the wall till all of it reached half its height, for the people worked with all their heart.

Nehemiah 4:6 (NIV)


On March 7, a 10-member team travelled to the Dominican Republic to work with Pastors Uriel & Becky Castrillion (Frank & Debbie Deena, Gwen & Jeff Kewin (Knuckles), Wayne & Kelly Trainor, Dale Kormizes, Annie Mills, Kim Talbott, and Mimmie Timmons).

We carried over $150,000.00 in medications & medical supplies. Thanks to Debbie Deena.

Clearing immigration and customs was a great blessing—no question asked, no luggage was checked or opened. That can be a logistic nightmare, but we were prepared with strong organization and documentation. We had lists of the contents of all 18 boxes/bags.

In four days of medical clinics, (two days in Cristobal, & two days in Salinas) we saw and served just over 300 patients. We also repaired toilets, sinks, doors, tables, etc., painted portraits, and prayed for & encouraged the people—mainly Believers from the two churches. Five folks accepted Christ as their Savior.

On Day One, in Kelly’s session, a child, who should have been walking months ago, walked for the first time. Mom was elated.

A young mother, who gave birth 16 days ago, desperately needed an enema, but there was none. Debbie and Becky created/improvised an enema. It worked. The girl’s mother was screaming and shouting for joy (not sure whether this should be publicized). A young boy came in as emergency with blood all over his head. Gwen and Uriel stitched him, and before long, he was back playing. Jeff created two stints for a woman’s thumbs. We treated a variety of patients like STD, diabetic, abortion, hypertension, etc.

The greatest blessing is that this community was served. They received six months/a year supplies.

Finally, during Sunday night’s service the community leaders (four of them) came to the service and presented Pastor Uriel and Becky with a service award for the impact they have made in the community. It was a beautiful token of acknowledgment. Reimage Church has played a part in that recognition.


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