Do I Really Trust God?

This week, I’ve been going over the scripture and key question from Reimage Kids with my youngest two boys, Judah (4) and Greyson (2). This month they are learning about Abraham and how he had faith.

I’ll ask the boys, “How do you have faith?” They respond, “I have faith every day, when I trust and obey.” It does a parent’s heart good to hear their children learning about Jesus.

But today, I was thinking, “do I demonstrate faith to them, REGULARLY?” I generally make at least an effort to obey, but how often do I really trust?

I’ll ask you, “what are you trusting God for?”

I mean, there are the obvious sins that I know if I disobey and commit, it will be bad for me… but do I need to trust in that situation?

That’s when I remember James 4:17 (NLT).

If you know what is right to do but you do not do it, you sin.


This scripture speaks about trusting God and doing what he has said I should do, not just about not doing what he said I shouldn’t do.

In the last several weeks at the Reimage Church, office we’ve been focused on our plans for the summer. I’m going to admit that I’m pretty excited about it. One of the things we are going to focus on is sharing the Gospel with people who don’t know Christ.

How often do I avoid sharing Christ with someone because it might be awkward? Because I might get rejected? Because last time I did, the person was less than nice to me?

In this instance, my problem is more about the trust than obeying. I’m not trusting that God will send his Spirit to convict, or that His Word will not live up to its promise not to return void.

I have to trust that if I obey and share, God will take it from there. After all, I can’t save anyone, only Jesus can.

What I’ve learned is that I can obey God without trusting Him, but I can’t trust God and not obey Him.

So this Summer, we’ll talk about sharing the Gospel with people in our communities, at our jobs, and in our neighborhoods.

If we all trust and obey, would it be unfathomable to see 100 people give their lives to Him? I think not.

In this area, do you struggle to trust God? When have you trusted God, shared the Gospel and see Him save someone from their sins?

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