Community Date Night

What is Community Date Night?

Community Date Night is our way of supporting families. We know that sometimes couples don’t take time to spend together because of the cost of childcare and that sometimes single parents just need a break. We have created a time when we’ll take care of the kids and you can take care of your relationship or just take care of you.

What will my kids do?

We have planned a night of fun for kids ages 3 (must be potty trained) to 11. Your kids will eat dinner, participate in a live show, play games and then do a special craft. The night will end with a movie so they’ll be ready for you when you pick them up.

Who will be watching my kids?

The Children’s Ministry at Reimage Church has recruited, trained and completed background checks on all volunteers that will serve at Community Date Night. Most of them are parents just like you!

How do I sign up?

Simply go to or call 252-355-6621 for more information to register your children. We know that your children are important to you and consider it an honor to serve them and you. Reimage Church is located at 3950 Victory Lane in Winterville.


6:00                Check in & Kid Concert begins

6:30                Under 5 Food / Elementary Large Group

7:00                Elementary Food / Under 5 Large Group

7:30               Under 5 Games / Elementary Crafts

8:00                Under 5 Crafts / Elementary Games

8:30                Movie

9:30                Pick Up