Mission, Vision & Values

Reimage Mission

Transforming Lives

Reimage Vision

We are building a growing, vibrant and culturally relevant, Spirit-filled church. We are becoming a racially, generationally and culturally diverse people that are committed to God, the Bible, and each other with mutual acceptance, care and honor. We are Christ-followers making disciples who together grow in knowledge, walk in love, excel in faith and live according to the teachings of Jesus. We are engaged in saving the lost; radically using our time and resources to reach our community, our country and the nations of the world.

Vision Statement

We are building a church that is a diverse community of Christ followers who are changing our world

Reimage Values

These are the enduring, passionate and distinctive core beliefs that guide the conduct, activities and goals of Reimage Church. They are listed both in reality (not what we wish for) and from strength to weakness.

1. Biblical and Anointed Preaching/Teaching

2. Spiritual, Passionate and Contemporary Worship

3. Racial and Generational Diversity

4. Personal Devotion to Christ Marked by Spiritual Growth

5. Cultural Relevancy with Doctrinal Purity and Without Moral Compromise

6. Strong Marriages/Families; Youth/College; Babies/Children

7. A Body of Believers Exemplifying Unity, Servant-hood, Spiritual Gifts and Ministry Callings.

8. Leadership

9. Lost People Matter to God and Us Enough to Actively Reach Them for Christ

10. A Welcoming Small Group Community Marked by Mutual Care, Commitment, Correction and Mission.

11. Obedient Generosity

12. The Culture of Creativity, Excellence, Planning and Organization